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A formal definition:
The object is to find solutions to the clients' requests, in keeping with their personal vision, evaluating the space to be created or redefined, using methods appropriate to their time frame and budget.

What does this really mean?
Clients come to us with a problem. The size of the problem is not important. Through a series of questions, sometimes by formal survey, and often in conversation, information is gathered that will provide the basis for our work together. Our goal is to create solutions that will enable your space to work for you and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Every situation is different.
No two clients - or their surroundings - are the same. Interpreting these differences and integrating them into the available space is the business of space planning.

The client provides:

  • the problem
  • the preference of style
  • the space
  • the budget
  • the time frame

    We provide:

  • essential questions
  • basic building data
  • a presentation of multiple solutions considering all client data, and the skills of proportion, scale, light, rhythm, and balance
  • help in setting priorities

    and upon request we help in ...

  • choosing materials
  • choosing tradespeople
  • overseeing the project

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