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First, we listen.

We want to know your goals, how you want to express your style, and ultimately how you hope your space will work for you.

It may be one-room or a whole-house design. We are happy to work on either. Or is it a commercial space? We create office space that works and retail space that sells. Our team has experience remodeling existing structures and creating new ones throughout the country.

Whether the project is large or small, good design provides everyday pleasure. By combining the disciplines of architecture and interior design, we assess spatial problems and functional patterns; we create personal solutions to fit your needs. We believe that interiors and exteriors should be aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time, and this is what we strive to achieve for each client.

Projects may be limited to consultation (see more at design INSIGHTS), taken through the design phase, or continued with oversight through completion. The choice is yours.

Design at a distance is not a problem. We have successfully completed many projects where we never go the physical space nor meet the client. Technology has made accomplishing this simple. Phone calls, emails, photos and digital pictures of site progress, fax and mail all contribute to the ease of this way of working.

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