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Space is money
Every patron you can seat in a restaurant, every garment you can place on the sales rack, every telemarketer you can connect to the computer means profit. Every square inch of commercial space must work.

Good design is taken for granted. Poor design is apparent every time the walk-in freezer door blocks the waiters' passage or when packing boxes hinder access to the merchandise.

Space is style
Hockey fans shouting at the big screen or sommeliers gliding toward your table. Neon spandex suspended from the exposed girders or cashmere lovingly draped on the Louis XIV Bergere. Ergonomic seats in the cubicles or private windowed offices.

Your choices will reflect you and your company, your employees and your products.

We help you clarify your preferences and refine how you want your space to function and feel.. As spatial design consultants, we combine the disciplines of architecture and interior design to create professional environments where doing business is both profitable and a pleasure. We strive to achieve a balance of efficiency and aesthetics.

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